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Gary Hawkins has been described as a visionary and retail industry treasure, whose deep knowledge of the industry combines technology savvy with operational experience to provide a perspective that is completely unique.

His odyssean journey across retail began three decades ago, driven by a vision to use data and technology to transform retail, returning the massive industry to its customer birthright. That inspiration in turn gave rise to successive waves of innovation that continue today. Along the way he’s decimated countless industry practices on a relentless march into the future.

Strategic Advisor


Center for Advancing Retail & Technology | CEO & Founder

CART’s mission is to connect retail to new innovative capabilities through programs, events, and education. Knowing that awareness and discovery of new technologies are only one part of future success, the CART team is at the forefront of helping retailers, wholesalers, brand manufacturers, and solution providers cultivate a culture of innovation and agility through a proven process and approach.

The Author

Bionic Retail

As we pass the inflection point on the exponential growth curve of technology, retailers can harness accelerating innovation to create the future of retail or choose to remain on the path to retail purgatory…

Building the Customer Specific Retail Enterprise

The understanding and use of customer information as gathered through retail frequent shopper programs has forever changed the retail playing field.

Retail in the Age of ‘I’

The fast moving consumer goods retail industry is rapidly approaching a crossroads. One path leading to an efficient, but coldly barren, shopping experience ruled by automation.

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence provides a fascinating and powerful look at retail today and presents a strong case for truly understanding the value proposition retail companies offer their customers.

Thought Leader

Are you Ready?

Automation and digitalization are poised to disrupt the massive fast-moving consumer goods retail industry in surprising ways, ensuring a dramatic restructuring that many companies won’t survive.

The realities of automation and digital transformation are pressuring the FMCG retail industry to adopt new capabilities in realtime even as the forces of change have intensified in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The good news is that Retail 4.0 opens the door to exponential value creation, giving traditional retailers the opportunity to level the playing field with digital-native competitors. The bad news is that companies need to prepare their organizations for convulsive change, embracing new practices, processes, and business models.

Will the retail industry be ready for a future arriving sooner than expected?

Guest Speaker

Gary Hawkin’s has spoken around the world in more than twenty countries and as a guest lecturer and many prestigious universities in the US.

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FMI Midwinter Executive Conference

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American Logistics Association annual conference

FMI Supply Chain Forum

National Confectioners Association Leadership Summit

New Jersey Food Council

Expo West

The NGA Show

NRF Big Show

Georgetown University Law Conference

Sweets & Snacks Expo

Western Michigan University Food Conference

Alshop (Brazil)

Canadian Retail Council

RetailTech Japan

Guest Lecturer

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

USC Marshall School of Business

Portland State University

University of Arizona

University of San Antonio

Texas A&M

Cornell University